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Apple Store Support Ticket - King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - Iphone repair

Apple Store Support Ticket - King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Iphone repair - Ipod Repair

Created By: gsmith4875's Picture gsmith4875 Last Reply: KathyB1983's Picture KathyB1983
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 9 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 2
Product: Ipod Repair

My first Iphone. I have 5 lines on the account and was going to get iphones on all 5. Until now. The glass was cracked and other than that the phone worked fine. Nothing else was wrong, just the glass. The guy replaced the little piece of glass in 2 minutes and charged me $199.00. That's right folks $199.00. I found out later that's what you charge, regardless. So the next time I want to be screwed, I'll know where to go. I am going to post this on all feedback sights so maybe somebody else won't get screwed. I already called ATT and told them. I also have a company account with ATT.


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Ticket Replies

jchelli says: (8 years ago)
I have been an extremely loyal Mac consumer since the early 1990's. I have bought several (4) i-phones, i-touch, 8 suffles, 2 mac computers and 5 laptops for myself and my family. When the first generation i-phones came out I purchased one and was extremely happy with it. This past Feb I had to upgrade to a G3s as my phone had water damage from a faulty water canteen ( the canteen company paid for the replacement phone, as it was their fault) Other then the water damage there was no reason for me to get another phone, but obviously i had no choice. This past weekend I was at the Jersey shore and dropped my phone by accident breaking the screen. On 8/10 I went to the King-a Prussia store to replace my broken phone. I was told because i just bought a new iphone I was not eligible for an upgrade, only a partial upgrade. It would cost me 199.00 to replace my phone or 299.00 to buy the newest model. This is were my complaint comes in, I was told if i wanted to replace my phone for 199.00 I would have to come back tomorrow as there weren't any appointments left, but if i bought the 299.00 phone they could do it at that moment. When i asked what was the difference between the two options they said there was no difference, both phones would need to have the contacts switched over. When i asked why I had to drive the 40 minutes to the store again the next day, (unless i bought a more expensive phone, ) they said it was because i was only replacing the phone at the cheaper amount and needed an appointment. I feel this was very poor customer service. It is bad enough that my screen can't be fixed and apple will make me pay 199.00 for a phone replacement (not 99.00 because I am not ready for an upgrade), not offer to fix the screen and then take my broken phone, fix it and resell it, but to make me drive all the way back the next day to buy one of your phones is simply arrogant and a bad business practice. How can you ask someone to come back to buy something the next day. I am interested in buying an I-pad, am i going to be expected to come back the next day to buy it. As it goes for the i-phone I still am having to pay 199.00 for the phone and was turned away. I have always supported apple, even when they weren't the "in" company, I have owned stock in the company and have talked countless people into switching to apple products, but if it is going to become an arrogant company that doesn't care about their loyal customers I may have to rethink my loyalty. I hope someone can help me! I have an appointment tomorrow (8/11) at 11:00 am at the king-a-prussia store. I am not sure whether I am going to replace my phone or go to verizon and purchase one of their touch phones, hopefully I will have a reason to want to continue with an apple.

KathyB1983 says: (7 years ago)
If you do an Internet search in your area for iphone repair, they have places that will repair cracked iPhone screens for a lot cheaper than $200.00. I Know of a place that I go to that only charges $75.

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